Making a Cutaway

Making a Cutaway
Creating the Cutaways

So how does the world's largest ocean liner or river boat become a cutaway? The creation of an Unlimited Details cutaway begins with locating original design materials for the world's greatest artifacts and monuments.

Original construction blueprints, photographs, deck plans, books and even advertising brochures are used to guarantee the accuracy of each cutaway. Over the years, we have collected an enormous variety of research materials which are used in the design of each item. Of course, additional research and reading add to the accuracy of the final three-dimensional cutaway.

The Design

Approximately two months is then devoted to drawing the original multi-layer template for each item. Once the design work is complete, a computer-controlled laser is then used to cut and mark specially selected layers of basswood. After a layer has been cut, it is cleaned and carefully mounted to a baltic blue matte board. A total of six layers of basswood are hand assembled for each cutaway. When the cutaway is complete, it is then sealed behind glass in a cherry finish hardwood frame.