As with a lot of small businesses, Unlimited Details began as a hobby. Brian York knew of the technique and created the SS Normandie for his own collection. With the continued encouragement of many friends and interest from the cruise lines, this hobby evolved into a business and Unlimited Details was founded in 1998.

For the past twenty years Unlimited Details has deliberately remained a small business which allows us the ability to talk with our customers and listen to them as well. Many companies or websites these days are difficult to reach and make themselves this way on purpose. We at Unlimited Details encourage contact which is why you will find how to call us on every page of our website.

The Cutaways

Unlimited Details creates some of the most unusual works of contemporary art you can find today. The pieces are multi-layer, three-dimensional, micro-cut wood cutaway constructions, reflecting the utmost in detail and attention to accuracy.

The works are detailed renderings of artifacts that have changed the world, from classic ocean liners (such as the Titanic and the Normandie) to the world's grandest monuments (such as the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge).

The subjects are fascinating and the process of recreating them is truly amazing to see.

Unlimited Details
1022 Bishop Walsh Road
Cumberland, Maryland 21502
Phone: (301) 777-7707

How long will it take to receive my order?
Since we are the maker of everything we sell, we are rarely out of stock on anything. Orders placed, will ship within two working days and should be in your hands within one week. In the rare event that we are out of stock, we will contact you immediately to discuss how long the order will take to complete.

How long will a custom cutaway order take?
The average time for a custom named cutaway is 1-3 weeks.