USS Missouri (BB-63)

USS Missouri (BB-63)
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USS Missouri (BB-63)
The power of the world's last active battleship lives on in this cutaway. The original 1945 design is so perfectly reproduced that it brings back memories to all of those who have seen her.

The USS Missouri's keel was laid in the New York Navy Yard on January 6th, 1941 and the vessel was commissioned on June 11th, 1944. She was the third ship in her class but, actually the last of the four to be commissioned. She became Third Fleet flagship and was the site of the 2 September 1945 Japanese surrender ceremony that ended World War II.

Today, the Missouri serves as a museum ship in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. One step aboard brings back memories to many who served aboard her.

The framed size is 22.5" wide by 8.5" high.

Natural Basswood finish (as pictured) is mounted on a Baltic Blue matte and surrounded by a rich cherry finish frame.

Brass and Silver finishes are mounted on a black matte within a black frame which gives a very contemporary look.

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