Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine - 41 for Freedom Cutaway

41 for Freedom Cutaway
41 for Freedom Cutaway
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41 for Freedom Cutaway
The Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine is one of our latest additions. This fine six layer cutaway accurately displays every compartment in amazing detail. Years of research have gone into the development and those who have seen the cutaway have praised its accuracy.

For no extra charge will custom build this cutaway with your desired hull number and boat name. Simply enter the information in the fields provided and we'll do the rest. If you choose to add Challenge Coins to your cutaway, price includes a mounting fee, the front and back of the coins will be displayed. The shopping cart will accurately reflect your changes as an option so that you may verify the information.

PLEASE NOTE:. The completed cutaway will be named and numbered as desired but, will be exactly as pictured above without any differences or modifications an individual vessel may have had.

The framed size is 22.5" wide by 8.5" high.

Natural Basswood finish is mounted on a Baltic Blue matte with a cherry finish frame. Brass and Silver finishes are on a black matte with a black frame.

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41 for Freedom - Ballistic Missile Boats
George Washington Class
James Madison Class
SSBN-598 USS George Washington SSBN-627 USS James Madison
SSBN-599 USS Patrick Henry SSBN-628 USS Tecumseh
SSBN-600 USS Theodore Roosevelt SSBN-629 USS Daniel Boone
SSBN-601 USS Robert E. Lee SSBN-630 USS John C. Calhoun
SSBN-602 USS Abraham Lincoln SSBN-631 USS Ulysses S. Grant
SSBN-632 USS von Steuben
Ethan Allen Class
SSBN-633 USS Casimir Pulaski
SSBN-608 USS Ethan Allen SSBN-634 USS Stonewall Jackson
SSBN-609 USS Sam Houston SSBN-635 USS Sam Rayburn
SSBN-610 USS Thomas A. Edison SSBN-636 USS Nathanael Greene
SSBN-611 USS John Marshall
SSBN-618 USS Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin Class
SSBN-640 USS Benjamin Franklin
Lafayette Class
SSBN-641 USS Simon Bolivar
SSBN-616 USS Lafayette SSBN-642 USS Kamehameha
SSBN-617 USS Alexander Hamilton SSBN-643 USS George Bancroft
SSBN-619 USS Andrew Jackson SSBN-644 USS Lewis & Clark
SSBN-620 USS John Adams SSBN-645 USS James K. Polk
SSBN-622 USS James Monroe SSBN-654 USS George C. Marshall
SSBN-623 USS Nathan Hale SSBN-655 USS Henry L. Stimson
SSBN-624 USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN-656 USS George W. Carver
SSBN-625 USS Henry Clay SSBN-657 USS Francis Scott Key
SSBN-626 USS Daniel Webster SSBN-658 USS Mariano G. Vallejo
SSBN-659 USS Will Rogers