Spruance Class Destroyer

Spruance Class Destroyer
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Spruance Class Destroyer
The USS Spruance Class Destroyer (DD-963) is our latest and most detailed warship. This fine six layer cutaway accurately displays every compartment in amazing detail. Years of research have gone into the development and those who have seen the cutaway have praised its accuracy.

For no extra charge, we will custom build this Spruance Class cutaway with your desired hull number and boat name. Simply enter the information in the fields provided and we'll do the rest. The shopping cart will accurately reflect your changes as an option so that you may verify the information. Customized cutaways are built to order, it will take one to two weeks to create, frame and ship the cutaway.

PLEASE NOTE:. The completed cutaway will be named and numbered as desired but, will be exactly as pictured above without any differences or modifications an individual vessel may have had.

The framed size is 20.5" wide by 9.0" high. Natural Basswood finish is mounted on a Baltic Blue matte with a cherry finish frame. Brass and Silver finishes are mounted on a black matte within a black frame which gives a very contemporary look.

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List of Spruance Class Destroyers
Number Vessel Name Number Vessel Name
DD-963 USS Spruance DD-979 USS Connoly
DD-964 USS Paul F Foster DD-980 USS Moosbrugger
DD-965 USS Kinkaid DD-981 USS John Hancock
DD-966 USS Hewitt DD-982 USS Nicholson
DD-967 USS Elliot DD-983 USS John Rodgers
DD-968 USS Arthur W Radford DD-984 USS Leftwich
DD-969 USS Paterson DD-985 USS Cushing
DD-970 USS Caron DD-986 USS Harry W Hill
DD-971 USS David R Ray DD-987 USS O'Bannon
DD-972 USS Oldendorf DD-988 USS Thorn
DD-973 USS John Young DD-989 USS Deyo
DD-974 USS Comte De Grasse DD-990 USS Ingersoll
DD-975 USS O'Brien DD-991 USS Fife
DD-976 USS Merrill DD-992 USS Fletcher
DD-977 USS Briscoe DD-997 USS Hayler
DD-978 USS Stump