Permit (Thresher) Class Cutaway

Permit Class Cutaway
Permit Class Cutaway
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Permit Class Cutaway
The Permit class (formally known as Thresher class) cutaway is our latest addition and the most detailed cutaway to date. This fine six layer cutaway accurately displays every compartment, even the back half of the boat, in amazing detail. Years of research have gone into the development and those who have seen the cutaway have praised its accuracy.

For no extra charge will custom build this cutaway with your desired hull number, boat name, hull length and sail size variations. Simply enter the information in the fields provided and we'll do the rest. If you choose to add Challenge Coins to your cutaway, price includes a mounting and the front and back of the coins will be displayed. The shopping cart will accurately reflect your changes as an option so that you may verify the information.

PLEASE NOTE:. The completed cutaway will be named and numbered as desired but, internal compartments will be exactly as pictured above without any differences or modifications an individual vessel may have had.

The framed size is 22.5" wide by 8.5" high.

Natural Basswood finish is mounted on a Baltic Blue matte with a cherry finish frame. Brass and Silver finishes are on a black matte with a black frame.

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Permit (Thresher) Class
Hull Length and Sail Configurations

Short Hull - Small Sail

USS Thresher SSN-593
USS Permit SSN-594
USS Plunger SSN-595
USS Barb SSN-596
USS Pollack SSN-603
USS Haddo SSN-604
USS Tinosa SSN-606
USS Dace SSN-607
USS Guardfish SSN-612

Short Hull - Large Sail
USS Haddock SSN-621

Long Hull - Large Sail
USS Flasher SSN-613
USS Greenling SSN-614
USS Gato SSN-615

Long Hull - Small Sail - Twin Screw
USS Jack SSN-605